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This is a great charger stand for the coolskin shaver. The model with the nivea package inside the shaver. charges up fully like new. Doesn't have a power lead with it so you must order a separate one if you require one. I had one so I didn't need to order. The P&P was dear to ireland at 25 but electrospares send me a refund afterwards of 15 as they said the postage was cheaper being a small and light parcel. I got the delivery and refund within about 4 days so was a quick transaction.

Looked every where for a filter to my vacuum cleaner couldn't find one anywhere so went on line New Years day and found what I was looking for on ELECTROSPARES web site and received it two days later. That's what I call service.

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84844533 - Braun Oral B Toothbrush Charger Charging Unit


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84844533 - Braun Oral B Toothbrush Charger Charging Unit

Braun Oral B Toothbrush Charger Charging Unit Stand Lead Cable Type 3757 NEW

Oral-B 84844533 D20/Vitality/D34 Triumph Charger
Manufactured after October 2012
Braun Oral B
UK 2 PIN Plug
Toothbrush Trickle Charger Type 3757
Genuine and Original Braun Part
Braun Authorised Service Part

Compatible With These Products

The Oral-B 84844533 D20/Vitality/D34 Triumph Charger is suitable for these Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes;
Fits Type 3756 3709 3737 3761 4729

    D16, D20.513, D20.524, D20.535, D20.513, D20.525
    500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000
    D20.500, D16.500u, D20.534.2, D20.523.1, D20.575.3, D20.545.3
    D20.535.3, D20.524.2, D20.513.1, D20.565.3, D20.533.1, D29.535
    D29.500, D29.535.4
    D34.535, D34.500
    D12.013, D12
    D15.500, D15.513, D15.535, D15.525 U
    D15.525+D15.510, D15.513 XL, D15.521 U+D15.5 U
    D15.511 U, D15.513 U, D15.525 U
    D16.500, D16.525+D, D16.523.1, D16.523, D16.575, D16.524.2U


D20.513 Tri Zone 2000
D21.525 Smart Series 4000
80264831 Vitality Plus
80264838 Vitality Plus
D16.513 Pro 650
D20.535.3 Professional Care PC3000
D20.524.2 PC2000
D20.523 PC1000

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