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Easy ordering system and fast delivery :-)

This is a great charger stand for the coolskin shaver. The model with the nivea package inside the shaver. charges up fully like new. Doesn't have a power lead with it so you must order a separate one if you require one. I had one so I didn't need to order. The P&P was dear to ireland at 25 but electrospares send me a refund afterwards of 15 as they said the postage was cheaper being a small and light parcel. I got the delivery and refund within about 4 days so was a quick transaction.

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Top Tip Dishwasher advice and hints from an Engineer to help keep your Dishwasher in top condition

Some helpful advice and hints from an Engineer to help keep your Dishwasher in top condition and leave your dishes sparkling.

For safety always put knives and sharp objects with the sharp end towards the bottom of the cutlery basket (pointing down)
People have been hurt by tripping and falling onto the open door of a Dishwasher with knives etc pointing up out of the cutlery basket.

Check and clean the Dishwasher sump filter every 2 weeks. A dirty filter will make it hard for your Dishwasher to produce clean dishes. When re-fitting the sump filter make sure it clicks/locks into place securely. If it is even slightly out of place then debris can get through the filter  and block your water discharge pump

Remove and clean the spray arms every 2 to 3 months (they normally just screw off) The holes should be clear and not blocked up with bits of hardened food. If any of the holes are blocked rinse the spray arms under running water, for stubborn blockages use a cocktail stick to clear the holes.

 Don’t waste Money buying De-Scaling products, use Vinegar instead

Once a month, run your dishwasher through a normal cycle. Empty (no dishes or cutlery in it) about 10 minutes into the cycle switch off the Dishwasher, open the door and add ½ a cup of Vinegar (just pour it in) close the door and let the Dishwasher finish the cycle. This will clean up the stainless steel cavity of your Dishwasher and is as good, if not better than using a de-scaler. Use  normal brown or clear vinegar not cider vinegar.

If you ever run out of Dishwasher Detergent or Tablets do not even consider using washing machine powder or washing up liquid, it foams up too much and can cause your machine to flood

If your Dishwasher is on cycle and you can hear a knocking noise coming from it, something is likely to be obstructing one of the spray arms and your dishes won’t get washed properly. Switch the machine off, open the door and re-position the item causing the problem.

These simple tips will help to extend the life of your Dishwasher, save on running costs and help to produce sparkling dishes every time.

Kind regards, Electrospares

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Date: 13/01/2011