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Our Customers Say...

I have used this pre electric shave for a year now and have found it does improve getting a smooth shave with my Philishave. I have found the best price is from Electro-Spares and their service is first class with very speedy delivery

This item was precisely as ordered and was delivered to my address very promptly. It was well packaged. I will recommend this company and make a point of using it again in the future.

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Shaver Spare Parts and Accessories


Shaver Spare Parts and Accessories

Shaver Spare Parts and Accessories

A regular cleaning routine helps to maintain a consistent quality of shave while maximising the cutting ability of the electric shaver. Ageing cutters will dull the performance of your shaver. We recommend replacing them every 18 months or so and this will make them feel like new again.

To avoid breakdowns and to keep your shaver working at it its best you must invest some time into a maintenance regime. Removing the shaver head and blowing out the accumulated debris into a nearby bin or into the wash/hand basin to be rinsed away is a fast and simple method of keeping your shaver in peak condition. This will ensure that your shaver never gets into a complete state of neglect and will prolong the lifetime of the product and your enjoyment of it. Ideally you should 'blow' clean the heads after every shave or at least after every few shaves.
Even better is to use a combined blow out method and the cleaning brush that comes with the shaver.

When using the cleaning brush we strongly recommend that you remove the foils from the shaver and concentrate on the inner cutting-blade area. Please be careful when you brush around the foil as they can be easily damaged and are much more delicate that one would imagine. One of the most common causes of foil failure is due to dents accumulated during the storage or cleaning process.