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Braun Shaver Repair drive shaft Oscillating Bridges Braun shavers have proven to be reliable and innovative electric razors that bring a smooth shave without the irritation of a standard razor. For Braun users interested in saving money on repairs by taking care of DIY work themselves, Braun has made replacement parts more accessible with its Oscillating Bridges. Intended for Braun 3-head shavers, these bridges can be easily fitted onto any Braun drive shaft, allowing individuals to repair their own electric shaver without having to employ an experienced mechanic or handyman. So if you’re looking to get your Braun electric shaver running like new again with minimal hassle and cost, why not take a look at Braun’s Oscillating Bridges?

The Braun 67030836 Oscillating Bridges is suitable for these products:

Braun 3040s, 3080s, 3090cc,
Braun 340s, 350cc, 380s, 390cc,

Replacement drive shaft mechanism

Troubleshooting Your Braun Shaver
Have you recently been having difficulty with your Braun shaver? You’re not alone. Many Braun shavers have a tendency to stop shaving properly after a few years of use. Fortunately, the fix is usually simple and inexpensive. Let’s take a look at why this might be happening, and how you can get your shaver back up and running in no time. 

Common Causes of Shaving Issues
The most common reason that your Braun shaver has stopped working correctly is because it needs new oscillating bridges (the parts that move the blades back and forth). Oscillating Bridges are made out of plastic, so they will eventually wear down over time. If this is the issue, then all you will need to do is replace them with new ones.  Another possible cause for your shaving issues could be a worn-out drive shaft mechanism. The drive shaft mechanism is responsible for moving the blades from side to side when in use, so if it’s worn out or broken, then your shaver won’t work as well as it should. This can usually be fixed by replacing the drive shaft mechanism with a new one. 

Replacement Parts and Directions 

Fortunately, replacement parts are readily available online, and many come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to install them yourself. The parts you need will depend on the specific model of your Braun shaver – make sure to check which models are compatible with the 67030836 Oscillating Bridges before purchasing any replacement parts. For example, some models such as the 3040s, 3080s, 3090cc, 340s, 350cc, 380s and 390cc are suitable for these products – just double check before making any purchases. 

In conclusion, if your Braun shaver has stopped working correctly due to worn-out or broken parts such as oscillating bridges or drive shaft mechanisms then there is no need to worry – simply purchase replacement parts online and follow the instructions provided to get your shaver up and running again! With these simple steps in mind you can easily troubleshoot any issues with your Braun shaver and enjoy a close shave once more!

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