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Electric Cordless Shavers

Rozar - Electric clothes epilator fabric shaver
Rozar Brand

Rozar - Electric clothes epilator fabric shaver

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iShaver Ultra Slim Travel Sleek Rechargeable

The iShaver from ENZO. Available now for all gadget lovers and cool products

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Electric Cordless Shavers

How to shave with an electric shaver and get as good results as a wet shave.


To make sure that a man’s electric shaver produces the same close shave as hand-held wet shave with an actual razor blade, there are a few hints to follow. The hints are simple and easy, and can ensure that a man gets just as close of a shave with an electric shaver as he would with a manual one. Proper techniques ensure a smooth, close shave.


    * Make sure the electric rechargeable shaver is clean and sharp. There are shaver foils on electric shavers that can be lifted off. All of the old hair and dried skin that has been shaved off should be removed. Sometimes dust and lint also collect under the foil and in between the shaver cutters, and that should be brushed out as well. In order to make sure the shave is always as clean as possible; the cutter and foil should also be replaced about once every twelve to eighteen months.

    * A man’s face should always be clean and dry before using an electric razor. If soap and water are not accessible, a “pre-shave” lotion, solution, or powder may be used.

    * Make sure to move the electric shaver in the opposite direction of the hair growth – against the grain. For example, if the hair is growing in an upward direction, the cutter blade should cut that hair in a downward direction. Holding the skin taught can increase the smoothness of the shave.

    * Try to use an electric shaver continuously, and not switch back and forth between an electric and a manual wet shave razor. The skin needs time to adapt to any type of shaver, and alternating the use of two different kinds can cause severe skin irritation.

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