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Which is the Best Value Vax Central HEPA Cone Filters

Best Value Vax Central HEPA Cone Filters

VAX is a famous brand which is famous for vacuums and other type of carpet cleaning products. It is Hong Kong based Tech Tronic Industry’s part. In present day, VAX is famous for selling wide range of products like carpet washers, hardfloor cleaners, steam cleaners and different cleaning solutions. Vax 6131 is a 3-in-1 canister model which is still manufactured by them.

Vax has a wide range of vacuum cleaners.  Some it manufactures are:-

  • Mach range
  • Power range
  • Life range

Mach range consists of upright models which are based on multi-cyclonic technology. All these cleaners have washable filters as well as HEPA filtration. There are some of its models which have onboard tools that collect pet hair, clean stairs, upholstery and hard floors.

Power range of bagless vacuum cleaners has airwatts as well as HEPA filtration. These cleaners also have the ability to clean pet hair and clean hard floors.

In 2009, Vax launched its weightless vacuum cleaner called as LiFE unplugged. This cleaner used Lithium ion technology so that it could maintain full power until or unless it depleted.

Besides cleaners, Vax also produces filters. Here we might take example of VAX Bubble, Swift; Everyday Genuine Filter set which can be used for V18 and V19 models. This is also called as a genuine filter set which is only available at Electrospares (dealers). This set has an upper hand as it also consists of Allergi-screen which preserves homes from dust mites and other type of air borne bacteria. It is a HEPA filter which has shown nearly 78% more air flow efficiency than other Vax filters (that are non-branded).  It causes much less wear and tear of Vax unit and at the same time there is less chances of over heating. Its 100% genuine Vax kit which has air flow at 490 pa.

Models this filter will fit:-

, Big Bubble VS-181, Big Bubble VS-182, Big Bubble VS-18, Big Bubble VS-18Y, Big Bubble VS-18U, Big Bubble Family VS-181T, Big Bubble Pet VS-183, Infinity by VS-190, Infinity by VS-190B, Infinity by V-060B, Infinity by V-060, Infinity By Vax V-060B, Infinity By Vax VS-190B, Performance V-008SC, Performance V-008U, Performance V-008, Performance & FREE Turboforce handheld vacuum cleaner V-008U, Performance Self Propelled V-008SP, Performance Twin V-008TX, Performance Twin-Cyclonic V-008T, Swift VS-19U, Swift VS-19RU, Swift VS-19BU, Swift VS-19, Swift VS-19B
, Swift VS-19AT, Swift VS-19R, Swift VS-190, Swift VS-190HP, Swift Allergy VS-19S, Swift Complete VS-190C, Swift Complete & FREE Turboforce handheld vacuum cleaner VS-190C, Swift HEPA VS-191, Swift HEPA VS-192, Swift High Power VS-19H, Swift Pet VS-19TS, Swift Pet VS-190P, Swift Pet VS-190PA, Swift Pet Premium VS-190APP, Swift Power VS-190PO, Swift Reach VS-190R, Swift Tickled Pink VS-190ATP, Swift TT VS-19AT, Swift Turbo VS-193ST, Swift Turbo VS-193S, Swift Turboforce High Power VS-193HST, Swift Ultra VS-190U, Turboforce V-006S, Turboforce V-060, Turboforce V-006B
, Turboforce V-006, Turboforce V-006N, Turboforce V-060CSP, Turboforce & FREE Libretto V-060, Turboforce Complete V-060C, Turboforce Complete & FREE Libretto V-060C, Turboforce Floor Command V-060FC, Turboforce High Power V-006H, Turboforce Lite V-006L, Turboforce Lite VS-19TL
, Turboforce Lite VS-19TLT, Turboforce Pet V-060P, Turboforce Pet V-060PA, Turboforce Pet & FREE Libretto V-060P, Turboforce Plus V-060PL, Turboforce Power Pet V-060PP, Turboforce Power Premium V-060APP, Turboforce Powermax V-060A, Turboforce Reach V-060R, Turboforce Reach & FREE Libretto V-060R, Turboforce Super Power V-060X, Turboforce Ultra V-060U, Turboforce Ultra V-006U, Turboforce Ultra & FREE Libretto V-060U, Turboforce Xtra V-006X, VS-190X

Article Posted: 13/01/2011 01:00:01

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