Benifits for Foil Screen or Rotary Shavers Benifits for Foil Screen or Rotary Shavers Having wet shaved for years, What to Choose in an electric shaver – Foil Screen or Rotary Razors.
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Changing from wet shave to Electric Shaving

Changing from wet shave to Electric Shaving

Having wet shaved for years What to Choose in an electric shaver – Foil Screen or Rotary Razors.

Let’s first consider what you will have obtained by only wet shaving. Then we can try and meet exceptions for an Electric rechargeable shaver. The only real difference will be the closeness of the shave, as razor blades have no guard on top, they do allow a very close shave of the skin and can cause a scratch if any uneven protruding spots are shaved.

Just like shaving cream for wet shaving a pre shave oil can be used for electric shaving, the advantage being the skin is lubricated, moisturised and allows for the shaver blades to stay oiled while running across the foil mesh.

Foil heads these days will have anywhere from 1 foil up to 5 foils held together in a head frame. However, they all work on the same principle of a curved fixed "foil" laying over a cutter blade which moves back and forth underneath it.

Rotary round blades contain 3 round cutting heads, usually arranged in a triangular shape.  Similar to a foil cutter, the outer Foil screen mesh of each rotary head stays still and catches the hair, while a cutting ring spins around underneath it and cuts the hair stubble as it enters.

Often, we hear of the 5 O’clock shadow a saying that around 10 hours after shaving in the morning there is a slight visible growth of facial hair seen by the late afternoon. Having tested many electric shavers both rotary and foil I would suggest the following advice.

Not too worried about getting the closest of shaves but do want to spend less time in the bathroom shaving then look at Remington Electric Rotary series, R7, R8 and R9 range. The R9 Ultimate shaver is the first ever to have ComfortSpin Heads a moving foil that runs counter clockwise to the direction of the cutting blades. These speed up the process for your morning grooming due to the 8 Direction Comfort head - A flexible shaving head adapts in 8 directions for constant skin contact, even in difficult areas.

Need both speed and a close shave at the fastest possible time then consider the Philips 3000 or 5000 series. Also Braun Series 5 foil shavers. These will cost you more than the Remington.

If you would like the closest shave possible as when you where wet shaving look at the Panasonic LV series, these are Japanese technology with linear drive motors - High-performance, 14,000 CPM motor performs 70,000 cross-cuts per minute. for quick, efficient shaving. 5 foils and 5-blade combination cutting system captures all whisker types, even short and flat-lying hairs.  

Costs - wet shaving versus electric shaving.  The jury is still out on this one as everyone is different, take someone whom will only purchase Gillette against a customer whom is happy with his Bic razor, some customers will change the blades weekly others monthly. The same principle applies to Electric shaver spares. We have certain customer who choose to change their foil and cutters after six months and then the item might last another customer two or more years. It does come down to hair follicle thickness, strength and how the spares are maintained and cleaned.

Article Posted: 05/03/2022 18:42:17

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