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Why do so many customers purchase the incorrect part for their Braun electric shaver?

Why do so many customers purchase the incorrect part for their Braun electric shaver?

Braun electric shavers have been around for over 20 years, and the replacement parts they require must also evolve to keep up with modern technology. To find the correct part needed to replace your current one, it is important to focus on models within a specific series; in this case we are looking at Series 5 replacements. There are 6 separate foil cutter cassettes used by these older models – 51B/S (black or silver plastic frames), as well as 52B/S which were developed later and combined both foils & cutters into an all-in-one unit. The latest Braun models now take a new part number 53B or 53S the second generation od cassette style shaving heads. With just a bit of research you'll be able to determine what's best for keeping that classic precision shave!

When searching for a Braun replacement part, the model number you need is often easy to locate. A great place to start is right on the front of your shaver. You can also look on the rear casing, beneath the trimmer attachment, under the head/foil guard and even on the product’s base. Model numbers listed on products are formatted differently at times so be sure to get it correctly or you could end up ordering an incorrect replacement part. Knowing where to look for your model number makes finding the correct Braun replacement a simple process!

Locating & Identifying Your Model Number
If you're couldn't find your shaver model number, don't worry. It is usually located on the front of the device, but some manufacturers like Braun also include a Type Number as well that can be found on its rear side or underneath its trimmer in tiny writing. To make sure that you have all needed information for replacement parts search simply type these numbers into our website to get started!

Are you having trouble identifying the correct model of your Braun shaver? Don't worry, they've got you covered! Underneath the slide up trimmer in very tiny print inside a groove is where to look for clues. More often than not, Braun also provides an exact replacement part number--like "Use Part 52B"--which can make finding what you need much easier and faster!

Example of a real customer query
Customer comments: I'm sorry that i have ordered an incorrect model. I should have ordered 51B for Series 5090 instead of 51S. Can I replace this item to 51B and I will pay the difference.

Customer gets the model number confused with a series number, we replied with the below suggestion: -
If you have the model Braun 5090 then the part 51s will not work, the 51B and the 51S are the same part the B stands for black plastic and the S stands for silver
plastic,  The Braun model 5090 takes a single cassette part number 52B as confirmed if you look underneath the slide up beard trimmer on your shaver.

Article Posted: 18/03/2023 13:59:58

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